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Indoor Sensory Bin Information

HS 05-20 (available to all Members on the SCDSB website) states:

  • Water play tables should be emptied, washed and sanitized after each use.
  • Bleach and vinegar must not be added to the water.
  • Solution to clean water tables, should be provided by custodial staff, educators are responsible for cleaning.
  • Do not use water tables during an outbreak.
  • Sand tables must be sterilized and not contain free crystalline silica, as inhalation of the dust may be harmful.
  • Potting soil shall not be used in sand tables, as it may not be sterilized and may contain disease/harmful agents, such as parasitic eggs, insects, feces or other foreign items.
  • Play sand should be replaced semi-annually or if it becomes moist or wet.
  • Program and sensory materials, such as pasta, rice etc…should be properly stored in sealed puncture proof containers.
  • Use caution when using materials such as, shaving cream, soap etc…as some may have sensitivities to the product.
  • Immediately remove toys/items that come into contact with mouths
  • Super absorbent polymers (craft beads, diaper beads) shall not be used.

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