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Here are some links to the Board catalogue. The hope is that we can provide quality education and care, as well as doing our due diligence, regarding health and safety, by talking to our Administrators and purchasing through these links.(We may even save ourselves some money)

Here are the links to find products or resources that are approved by the Board for purchasing. By using this format we are able to track and document items, so when Inspections are performed, we can show where those resources have come from.

The Board catalogue for classroom resources. ( Light tables are in here, scroll down.),%20Junior%20Learning%20Mat.&p_arg_names=tender_user&p_arg_values=u

The Board link for classroom furniture.

The Board link for classroom paper products.

If you have purchased or brought in any items that are being used in the classroom, for inquiry learning, please let the Inspector know that it is just temporary (they may or may not approve), but remember, that Safety always comes first, and household items, such as furniture, small appliances, electrical items (lamps, string of lights, homemade light tables etc...) are not to be in the classroom.

Remember to always let Administration know what is happening in your classroom, as they may or may not back you up.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns please contact me through e-mail or cell phone 416-994-1274, texting works best.

Tracy Briscoe RECE

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